Friday, August 30, 2013

What is Consecration to the Sacred Heart?

Consecration is to set something - or someone - apart for a sacred purpose. When we consecrate ourselves or our families to the Sacred Heart, we set ourselves apart and dedicate ourselves to His Sacred Heart. We declare that we belong to Him. But aren't we already His? So why bother consecrating ourselves?

Pope Leo XIII put it this way. Christ Jesus has everything, and we have nothing of our own to give Him as a gift. We are rightly His firstly because He is the Lord of all. But we are also His because He has redeemed us, purchasing us with His Precious Blood (Rev 5:9), from the dominion of darkness. So we are doubly His!

Yet, Leo XIII says, we can add a third "being His" when we consecrate ourselves to Him.
"In His infinite goodness and love, He in no way objects to our giving and consecrating to Him what is already His, as if it were really our own... For by consecrating ourselves to Him we not only declare our open and free acknowledgment and acceptance of His authority over us, but we also testify that if what we offer as a gift were really our own, we would still offer it with our whole heart." (Annum Sacrum, 7)
There are several different consecrations to the Sacred Heart, including consecrating our families. But more to come on that soon!

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  1. We had our family and home consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus a few years ago. It has been a glorious blessing!